Monday, January 11, 2010

Retroverted :-)

wait and wait...

i got busy for a trifle long time because of my "amenability quality". haha :D

it's 2010 and i hope this year will be a round-fruited year for all of us. and it's gonna be an important year for me because i'm going to take in my college diploma, such an evidence that i have been a good son to my parents (though they are physically unseeable), a good friend to my elementary, high school, and college friends, a good student to my teachers, mentors, instructors, and professors, a good citizen to Pinas, a good brother to my sibs, and above all, a good son to our Almighty God. *blushes* :D

so, may all of us receive a twofold increase of blessings. just continue to serve God and follow His will for us. :-)

sae hae bok man i bad eu sae yo ^-^

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